• Meeting The Collective.

    With the car boot packed with all the shirts and signs we need to sell shirts at the concert like the Mackay PCYC had asked, My best friend, Amelia and I were ready and pumped for the day ahead. It was an hour and a half long trip from my small town of Airlie Beach to the rather large place of Mackay. Watching 'Footloose' on the way down and finishing off unwanted assignments, Amelia and I were pretty keen on watching The Collective in concert.

    Amelia - not a massive FanGirl and before I told her I got a ticket to the concert, she didn't even know who they were! After hours of making her watch the XFactor performances and 'Collectv', I was happy to say she loved The Collective, especially Jayden.

    Once we reached Mackay, we headed to Canelands shopping center for about two hours, where we bought a lot of crap! Watching my little brother and best friend try to win a teddy bear each in the stupid games under the stairs was quite interesting if I say so myself, but let's get to the good stuff...

    It still hadn't hit me either; I was going to see The Collective!

    We got to the venue in a bit of a rush because we were not quite sure what was going on and where we had to go, but once we got there, it all felt really real to me!

    Holly, who was the beautiful lady who was the organiser of the whole event was obviously in a bit of a rush and helped us get set up, taking us through the venue where the boys would be singing. My heart jumped a few times when I realised that all the boys were doing sound check for the junior concert and were literally 10 meters away from us. Don't judge me, I have been a massive fan since the XFactor days...

    Mum, Amelia and I set up while watching sound check. You can easily tell these boys are really down to earth and love what they are doing just by watching them dance around the stage and talk to each other. Julian and Jayden's dancing skills though; WOW!

    Sound check was done and the concert had started - I have never seen so many little screaming girls in my life! It was absolutely amazing and seeing the boys faces when they came out on stage was pretty cool! They were ecstatic and really loved their fans!

    After they sung 'Surrender' and walked off stage, all the junior fans were taken backstage to meet the boys, I was pretty jealous until Holly grabbed Amelia and I and took us backstage after all the little kiddies left! I was backstage with The Collective! Holy sh*t! Should I mention I was tweeting them during the concert? I will be useful later on...

    It was so surreal! They were so nice and Trent is so funny to talk to! Sad thing though, while I was talking to Trent, Will took his shirt off and put a new one on right next to my best friend. We got THREE shirts signed as well and I was extremely happy to say that the boys LOVED my shirt! My heart. This. Is. Not. OK!

    Julian knew FanGirl Designs as well! Like, are. You. Serious? How can they do this to me? I was over the moon to say at the least! It was really funny though, when I was getting a photo with them, I was next to Will, and he kept burping in my ear and saying 'Oh, that was really gross' Haha! Did you just burp? 'cause you blow me away ;)

    After selling all the shirts, I went in and watched the boys do the senior concert sound check. I was sitting on stage and couldn't stop laughing at Julian and Jayden's dancing! I seriously didn't know they could dance like that. Kudos to you boys. Will, Zach and Trent all jumped onto the stage next to us like a boss but when Jayden and Julian got there, its like Dumb and Dumber showed up. Julian body crawled onto the stage and Jayden tried to jump up but failed massively by getting caught up in some wires and face planted the ground. Only Jayden.

    They concert started and I was sitting on stage once again, but joined with 3 more girls, who are models for my fashion show. We were laughing and having a good old time until the screaming began and we were standing in front of 5 extremely good looking guys - again, don't judge me. I will give myself a pat on the back though, for getting front row, with no barriers. My favourite part though would have to be when Jayden came over to my friends and I. Hands were flying every where over my head and I even got hit a few times. Screams were blaring and my ears were buzzing but none of that mattered because Jayden and I were ignoring it and belting out 'You Got It (The Right Stuff)' to each other while laughing and being silly. Once again, my heart stopped!

    In all honesty I could easily say it was one of the best nights of my life and even though, I only got to meet them for a short period of time, I can easily tell they are great guys! I can't wait to get this 'Fashion and Music' festival on the way so I can meet them again and even talked to them properly, but that's for another story...

    -Teggun (Chief FanGirl)




  • FanGirl Suprise.

    Lets just say, I have a big secret to tell you all.

    I'll tell you now that it could quite possibly change my life forever, even though it has alreay taken a big part in my life today.

    2 DAYS! Secret is out on Wednesday!!!

    - Chief FanGirl :)




  • Summer Lovin' Fashion Show

    FanGirl Designs, first ever fashion show was on Friday, 5th of April, 2013!

    Being the host/ event organiser of the show as got to be the most stressful experience I have ever witnessed BUT, I have to say it was worth while and one of the ost memorable, amazing and exciting experiences ever!

    Thank-you to Killer Signs, Zest Designs, LA Entertainment, Saks Hair and beauty, Beachworx and Health Licks for not only helping have this event but, supporting me through out the two weeks prior.

    We will have photos and videos soon but, as for now, let the anticipation begin!


    Cheif FanGirl



  • Photoshoot? Check.

    So, glad to say that we have just finished FanGirl Designs first ever photo shoot! I can honestly say it was one of the coolest things I have ever done! Standing there with some of your closest friends, mucking around, being yourselves and having an amazing photographer there to capture the moments! WOW.

    Anyway, Go check out our facebook page www.facebook.com/fangirldesigns and take a look at some of the awesome pics we will be posting everyday!

    What do you guys think? Amazing huh?



  • New Year!

    So happy New Years guys! I hope it brings you a wonderful fangirling experience:)

    Also, we have currently run out of a few sizes of the 1Derful, FanGirl and LOVE the collective. New sizes won't be re-ordered to further notice.

    Wish you all a wonderful week and HAPPY SHOPPING!!




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